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A bit of Nostalgia: Counting Down at the Blogathon


It is believed that each number has a special meaning. Since it is the last three days of the Blogathon, I want to devote this post to the number “3”. Three is a sacred number in most of the religions because of being the number of divine. Three was also considered the number of harmony, wisdom and understanding. You can check the other details on

As Blogathon runners we have been racing in great harmony by writing and reading regularly. We’ve been supporting each other with great comments, sharing our ideas in an unprejudiced manner and spreading the wisdom. We’ve been  asking each other without any hesitations to learn from our experiences and with a great understanding we’ve been replying. I think number three is also representing the “beginnings” and “endings”. Think about how a marathon starts: “Ready, Steady, Go” and the countdown “3-2-1” in the end. Here are my three wishes:

  1. Hope this ending will be a new beginning for you all.**
  2. Hope you will never lose the desire to learn
  3. Hope you will keep blogging after the Blogathon



There is a common Turkish expression about working together. “There is a sound of two hands clapping, but what about one hand?” Number two reminded me this and here at the Blogathon we were never alone. The comments (though they were more than 2:) of the other bloggers, guests and the Blogathon team supported and motivated us. I was having a little doze before I started this post and guess what I was dreaming about. “Ying yang”. I was telling someone about the meaning of ying yang,  “the two faces that keep the universe in perfect balance”* and drawing the symbol to explain it. Having a dream about that on the day of writing about number 2! What a coincidence! Or just the impact of unconscious thoughts:)It is 11th February today. 1+1 makes 2 and February is the second month. The best day to write about number 2:) Helps me to find examples about it:)) I think I am so lucky. Only two days to the finish line. We, the Blogathoners are all tired, but excited and impatient to see the results. Whatever the results are, taking a part at the Blogathon the second time (ooooh number 2:) was much more fun (and challenging). I’m so glad to have met new colleagues and share lots. Some of you have been my constant readers and that made me so happy. I’d like to thank you for all the contributions. I think I will miss the spirit, but I’m sure most of you will show up with your own blogs in the blogging world soon and we will keep in touch. Ooooh number two Please make this true :) )*


The last day of the Blogathon. There are only hours to the end. As Blogathon runners, we are entering our last posts before the finish line.The last number in the countdown: “Number 1″. “The number of being the best”*. I assume that number one represents each Blogathoner at the race. Each of us is unique and each piece of post is special in its way. Number one also displays a truth: No matter who we are, no matter where we live and who we teach, we are all the same.  With this in our minds, we have shared our experiences, without any prejudices we read each other’s posts and contributed the comments. That makes us all champions. We are the best and we are the stars. Though it would be fantastic to win it, finishing will be the real spirit of the marathon.  Writing about number one reminds me a great album of Omar Faruk Tekbilek, a Turkish composer and musician. I’d like to share something from the album called “One Truth”.

The song is called “I love You. I’m dedicating the song to all of you, because I love you. Thank you for caring to share your knowledge and experiences and making this race so special. It was totally number one:)

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