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A bit of Nostalgia: My Blogathon Resolution – Losing Weight by writing:)

Today is the third day of the Blogathon and I feel happy and relieved with the very scientific new resolution I found for myself. Losing weight! Yes, sounds crazy but as I said it is scientific and proved:)A couple of days ago, I came across a Facebook post shared by Oya Uslu, one of the Blogathoners of last year. The post was a link to a news article saying that writing helps you lose weight. According to the research done by Waterloo University in Canada, half of the students wrote about the things they like and they cared for and the other half wrote about the least important things for themselves. At the end, the first group who wrote about their favourite stuff for 15 minutes every day lost approximately 1,5 kg and the other group gained about 1,25 kg in 4 months. The duration of the Blogathon can be much shorter, but it is OK for me. Writing about the things I like won’t be problem, because I am already doing that. If I count the comments I write, that will make more than 15 minutes. My scientific calculations reveal that by the end of the Blogathon, I will have lost about 4 kilos. That makes 4 bottles of cola :) Seems easy and fun. If I can prove it, that will be great to share it with my writing class but I should be ready for the students finding excuses like “Sorry Ma’am, I couldn’t write the first draft not to put on weight because I don’t like the topic” Ha ha!This is the link to the news article I mentioned, but it is in Turkish.

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