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A nice offer for students – Today’s Menu

This is an activity to be used when your students are fed up with all the activities and feel overloaded. Your students will probably love to be involved in the lesson plan by ordering the stages of the lesson.At the very beginning of the lesson, write the title “Today’s Menu” on the board and under the title list the activities you will do in that lesson / on that day. Ask the students in what order they would like to do the activities. They may sometimes want to start with the game or the song, then advice them (not in a bossy way) to start with something else.


* You can remind them that the decision belongs to them if they resist any parts of the lesson.

* Students will feel great to be involved in the planning process.

* You may use the activity daily or weekly.

* If the activity starts to lose its strength, you can name the activities with different kinds of starters, main course meals and desserts.

This way each meal will be a surprise for them. I made up this activity for my prep students at the university. Do you think it would also work well in primary or high school?Hope you will find it useful and enjoyable. Looking forward to reading your comments and adaptations.

Thanks to dear Liz Aykanat, my dear ICELT Tutor for sharing this activity :)

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