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A speaking and a writing activity – The personality you carry with you

This is a wonderful activity that you can use as a warmer, a filler or a game. It can even be used to introduce yourself in the class at the beginning of the year.

Level: It’s appropriate for lower-intermediate students, but of course you may adapt it to any level by changing the language the students should use.

Language: Yes / No Questions, relative clauses

Materials the T needs: 3 things (objects) important for you. (You can see mine above: A mini movie player, my USB and my mobile phone charger – all precious for me:))

Materials the Ss need: 3 things (objects) important for them.


  • Show the objects you brought to the students one by one and ask them to find out why they are important for you making Yes / No questions.
  • Then ask them to say something about your personality. (e.g. I think you are a person who is optimistic and childish.)
  • At the end you can explain why these objects are important for you.
  • Ask them to bring 3 objects next day to do the same activity in pairs / groups.

Follow-up – Writing: Students can write about their / a friend’s personality referring to the objects. Follow-up Speaking: After the pair / group work students change their pair / group and tell about each others’ personality referring to the objects.

Adapted by Merve Oflaz from “Personalizing Language Learning”

©Griff Griffiths and Katy Keohane Cambridge University Press 2000

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