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Category: ELT Blogathon 2012
merveoflaz countdown

THREE It is believed that each number has a special meaning. Since it is the last three days of the Blogathon, I want to devote this post to the number “3”. Three is a sacred number in most of the religions because of being the number of divine. Three was also considered the number of [...]

wces opening merveoflaz

DAY 1 Barca, Catalonia I’m happy to be in Barcelona (after a cancelled flight and another one delayed because of the heavy snow in Istanbul). I feel like an author or a journalist writing on a journey during that journey:) I have always wanted to do that and here I am:)One of my colleagues and [...]

merveoflaz blogathon tshirt

Today is the third day of the Blogathon and I feel happy and relieved with the very scientific new resolution I found for myself. Losing weight! Yes, sounds crazy but as I said it is scientific and proved:)A couple of days ago, I came across a Facebook post shared by Oya Uslu, one of the [...]


This is a speaking activity that your students will enjoy a lot. It aims to help the students use wh- questions in different tenses.The only thing you need is a power point presentation of “your” photos taken in different places at different times. You can choose the best shots in 2012 and that might be [...]

today's menu merveoflaz

This is an activity to be used when your students are fed up with all the activities and feel overloaded. Your students will probably love to be involved in the lesson plan by ordering the stages of the lesson.At the very beginning of the lesson, write the title “Today’s Menu” on the board and under the [...]

merveoflaz why

You are a great big teacher! Hardworking, careful, cooperative, organized, full of energy and friendly. You love your job and you care for each individual in your classes, but when it is one of “those” weird moments, things suddenly can turn upside down… Here are some of “those” moments: ·         Why does one of the [...]

online stopwatch

This speaking activity aims to help the students develop their fluency and overcome their anxiety to speak in front of the others. It can be adapted to all levels.What you need is a set of cards with topics / titles on them. Students pick up one in turns and try to talk about the topic [...]


I stepped into the blogosphere by joining in “Blogathon 2011” that took place on the TeachingEnglish website. Being involved in a blog marathon has been one of the best moves in my professional development. It was my first blogging experience, but I was so lucky to have met so many great colleagues ready to swap ideas [...]


Bringing ideas all together Leading the discussions and helping others Organizing new posts every day Getting replies and comments, ready to share and care A door to be entered into another world waiting over there The taste of each post makes me feel great about all that jazz Hearty welcomes and warm good byes On air [...]


I’ve put on my marathon t-shirt (number 120) again and started running at the blog marathon. Feeling very excited and full of energy, I’m trying to reach the finish line. The Blogathon has been a lot to me so far. As one of the silver award winners of last year I opened the doors of [...]

merveoflaz sorting sticks of a teacher

As Adam Simpson mentioned in one of his posts, we have millions of things to do as teachers. Sometimes there is very little time to create materials and develop tools. That’s why I prefer to use the tools / materials I create for different purposes.At the beginning of the year, I wrote my students’ names on [...]

merveoflaz the personality u carry with u

This is a wonderful activity that you can use as a warmer, a filler or a game. It can even be used to introduce yourself in the class at the beginning of the year. Level: It’s appropriate for lower-intermediate students, but of course you may adapt it to any level by changing the language the students should [...]