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Category: Humorous
merveoflaz countdown

THREE It is believed that each number has a special meaning. Since it is the last three days of the Blogathon, I want to devote this post to the number “3”. Three is a sacred number in most of the religions because of being the number of divine. Three was also considered the number of [...]

merveoflaz blogathon tshirt

Today is the third day of the Blogathon and I feel happy and relieved with the very scientific new resolution I found for myself. Losing weight! Yes, sounds crazy but as I said it is scientific and proved:)A couple of days ago, I came across a Facebook post shared by Oya Uslu, one of the [...]

merveoflaz why

You are a great big teacher! Hardworking, careful, cooperative, organized, full of energy and friendly. You love your job and you care for each individual in your classes, but when it is one of “those” weird moments, things suddenly can turn upside down… Here are some of “those” moments: ·         Why does one of the [...]


I think a special relationship emerged between me and the Blogathon t-shirt. The number on it is so familiar as if I’ve always had it. ‘120’ is so close to me now like my telephone number (probably an extension one because it is too short!) or my door number or an ID number. One of [...]


Preparing exams, tests, worksheet and handouts take time and energy so you have to keep them well like a treasure. What I’ve been doing since I started teaching is keeping an archive. In the first two or three years of my career, archiving for me was putting everything in nice pinky files and putting them [...]


If you have 5 or more ‘YES’ answers: You are a teacher. If your answer is ‘YES’ for question 5: You are an extra – ordinarily creative (and maybe a little crazy like me) teacher. If your answer is ‘YES’ for question 6: You are a teacher of the new generation and you try to [...]


Note down your answers please! 1.       Are you often warned by other people because you speak loudly, especially when you receive a call in the middle of a restaurant or when you are telling about an event ambitiously? 2.       Do you usually find yourself thinking about what to do at work for tomorrow? 3.       Do [...]


5.       Professional development: Search for the seminars, workshops and conferences which will take place on holiday and try to attend them. 6.       Be with your family: Spend your time with your family. You have been so busy for the last couple of months. Why don’t you find some activities (such as cooking, doing puzzles or playing [...]


I’m teaching English for 13 years and I feel lucky feeling the spirit still in me. The biggest reason may be the passion I found in my job but there are more behind. Like emptying the trash in my mind and pulling positive energy into myself. As teachers we suggest our students a long list of things [...]