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Bu yazı ilk olarak burada basılmıştır.

Öğrencilik yıllarımı düşündüğümde teknolojinin derslerimize dahil edilmesine ilişkin hatırladığım ilk şey lisede İngilizce derslerimizde okuma parçaları ile ilgili sahneleri gösteren negatiflerin duvara yansıtılmasından ibaret. O hareketsiz çizimlere bakıp bir yandan da okuma parçasını kasetten dinlerken sürükleyici bir dizi film izler gibi büyük keyif alırdık. Tabii bir de tepegözler vardı. Okulda bir ya da iki tane [...]

a journey on NILE

I am an English instructor at Bahcesehir University Preparatory School, a freelance teacher trainer, a materials developer and a blogger. I just completed the online Intercultural Awareness in Language Teaching course of NILE and I feel so proud and glad to have finished it with a distinction. I attended a face-to-face course at NILE earlier, [...]

Merlin on ©BBC

You fancy learning English and you really want to improve your spoken English, but you don’t know what to do.  Then you’ve come to the right place! Merlin, the young Warlock is here to give you some magic tips. If you want to be a powerful ‘knight’ of English language, just have a look and [...]

merveoflaz turning 37

I really don’t remember calculating my age before ‘29’. Everything started after I turned 30:) Today is August 18th and it is my birthday. Just having another discussion (with myself) about how old I am turning. I was born in 1976 and that makes me a ‘Dragon’ in the Chinese Zodiac. So am I ‘36’ [...]


I stepped into the blogosphere by joining in “Blogathon 2011” that took place on the TeachingEnglish website. Being involved in a blog marathon has been one of the best moves in my professional development. It was my first blogging experience, but I was so lucky to have met so many great colleagues ready to swap ideas [...]

merve oflaz

There are films that change your life. There are songs that give you a very strong heart beat and there are books that spiritualize you. There are also some days or events that change your whole life. My story begins on a nice snowy day in Istanbul of the 1990s… It was the day when [...]