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Do you celebrate ‘Foreign Language Week’? (Part 2)

My Students' projects about India

Through the Foreign Language Week activities students understand the importance of learning a second language and become aware of the other cultures. They also find an opportunity to express their own culture and compare it with others. They understand that they should respect other cultures, languages, accents or dialects, too.  Moreover, they are inspired with the foreign language week posters which are displayed around.

·         If you want to celebrate this week, you can decide about the week according to the schedule of your own school. You don’t have to do it on a specific time.

·         Inspire all the language teachers to involve them and share the work.

·         Tell the head of department about the activities you are planning. Inform other administrators, too.

·         Create an atmosphere where the students can use foreign languages as much as they can.

·         Let your students enjoy the week.

·         Record (Photos, videos, note taking etc.)  all events during the week. Then use these records to inform other people (especially parents) on your school website, school newsletter or blog.

·         If you are planning to use the photos or videos of your students on a blog prepare a consent and release form for the parents and ask them to sign it.

·         Here are some links you can get an idea about this week:

  1. Great post! At my school we don’t celebrate Foreign Languages week but after reading your post I’m starting to think we should! I’ll suggest it to the HOD at my school.

    Btw, your post reminded me of the celebration week we do host at my school. That’ll be my morning post today!Thank you for inspiring me and have a lovely Sunday!
    ;-) CoffeeAddict

  2. Hi

    We celebrate foreign language week in our school. I organized karaoke parties, spelling bee contests etc.

    Thank you for sharing these links with us.

  3. Dear CoffeeAddict,

    You made my day. It’ very nice to hear that. Inspiring others inspire ourselves, too:) Looking forward to reading your post.

    Annnd Happy Sunday:)))

  4. Such themes make students be aware of the differences and similarities we have in this world. I loved what you did with 8th graders and I hope the same spirit will grow up in the coming years ahead. Now I am thinking about doing something similar with my students next time. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Great post, great idea. Thanks for sharing



  6. Thank you Eva.

    It’s nice to share our own experiences.

  7. Hi Osman,

    I agree with you. Our students need to understand each other and also others all around the world. This is the first step to the respect they will show.

    I am happy that you will do something like this with your students. Good Luck and have fun!

  8. Hi Survival Guide,

    That’s great! Do you use a special computer programme for the karaoke parties?