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Hey teacher! Do you feel overloaded and exhausted? Here is a couple of tips to refresh yourselves: (Part 1)

I’m teaching English for 13 years and I feel lucky feeling the spirit still in me. The biggest reason may be the passion I found in my job but there are more behind. Like emptying the trash in my mind and pulling positive energy into myself.

As teachers we suggest our students a long list of things to do on holiday and want them to be ready mentally and psychologically for the next term. What about you?  You have worked a lot and felt overloaded and exhausted. Don’t you think it’s time to do something for yourselves? Let’s see what we can do to refresh ourselves:

1.       Pre – spring cleaning: Organise your paper files and also digital files. Throw away all the papers and files that you don’t need any more (Prefer a recycle bin:) and archieve the ones that will be necessary for you later.

2.       Plan: Make a list of the things you enjoy doing. Don’t care even if they look silly such as a slimming programme or a face mask waiting for you. Make a plan about it and follow it.

3.       Read things you enjoy: Read your favourite magazines, the books which make you happy (no matter they are silly love stories or absurd fantasy novels) and of course blogs.

4.       Use your time: Try to use the time effectively. It doesn’t matter if your time is limited. The important thing is good quality. Sometimes half an hour can be more valuable than spending five hours with your loved ones.

  1. That’s the 4th day of the semester break in Turkey. I have a lot of work to do during holiday. Now I m in a panic. But I will try these ideas, especially chatting and gossiping :) It ll make me feel happier.

  2. It’s nice to hear that. I hope it will work and your stress and panic will vanish. Good Luck and have a nice and fruitful holiday Hayriye:)

  3. Thank you for the tips Merve. They are all very useful even though we sometimes cannot feel their positive effects. I especially liked the idea that ”Happiness is a journey not a destination. ”

  4. I agree with you bluering. I know it is sometimes hard to think about it during the day full of many obstacles but it is motivating and inspiring. We, the teachers need to be strong, active and lively. Don’t forget the students are always lively:)

  5. You sound like a workaholic. I also suspect that you are either not married or have no children. If you do you are a super-woman in addition to being a workaholic. Myself, I am just a CoffeeAddict :-) I am NOT a workaholic and I have 2 kids, one preparing for the SBS and the other for grade 1… Somehow I got myself into this blogathon. Why oh why? Do all teachers like punishing themselves? I need espresso.


  6. Reading your tips made me feel like million dollars. I agree with you as we should refresh ourselves to be productive. Thanks….

  7. Thanks Muruvvet.I’m happy to make you happy:)

  8. :) Thank you Coffee Addict. Not a workaholic but I can say that my job and I are synchronized with each other. Even though you seem to be busy with your family and work, you are attending these kind of activities and this requires effort and intention. I believe it is really motivating and inspiring to see you are blogging on teaching.