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Listen to your heart!

This is a very enjoyable writing activity that will make your lessons stunning and impressive.

1. Find a picture story. There are many nice pictures in writing books.

2. Find some sounds that can refer to each picture. Try to find more than one for each picture. Your aim in here is to make the students guess what happens in the story by listening to the sounds without looking at the pictures.

3. To find sounds, you can use the office online or the internet.

4. To express something about the story you also add some songs like a romantic music for a love story. This way, students will guess the theme of the story.

5. Play the sounds for each picture and ask the students to note down the sounds for each picture.

6. Give the students some time to think about for each picture and arrange their ideas. What they should do here is to write a story using those sounds.

7. Finally show the real pictures.

How long does it take?

40 or 80 minutes. Depends on the pre-work and the time you will provide for the writing process.

Who is it for?

It’s better to do it with at least Pre-Intermediate students. Beginners will probably have difficulties.


I really do not know if there is a similar version or not. I tried to make story writing fun and exciting by playing sounds and music.


This activity of mine was awarded by the British Council at a competition called “My Favourite Lesson Activity” in 2009.

  1. I often play classical music “in the background” when ı have students write poetry. It puts them in a good mood for poetry writing.
    :-) CoffeeAddict

  2. Great lesson idea.

    I love using music in the class. Thanks ;)


  3. Hello CoffeeAddict, It must be inspiring for the kids. I heard that classical music helps students to be smarter. Especially Mozart.

  4. Thank you Eva. Students love music,too. Who doesn’t? :) )