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Refresh your class! – An online course you can enrol in for free ;)

I believe we are really lucky to be 21st century teachers. Reaching a teacher in another city or country to share ideas and experiences was like a dream years ago, but now it is a click away. We are surrounded by blogs, wikis, forums, online courses and so on. SEETA (South Eastern Europe Teachers Associations) is an awesome platform which gathers most of these in one place (for free). You can follow the blogs or create blog posts, open discussions, join in forums, read or write articles, enrol in courses and many more things.

I am very proud to be one of the volunteers to moderate a course and I will be so glad and honoured if you join me to share your experiences.

Here is the information about the course:


Refresh your class: We have just left September behind and made a new start to another academic year. As autumn prepares the nature to new beginnings to bring us a new life, this online course will provide you with invigorating ideas to refresh yourself and your class. It will offer practical ideas that can be adapted to all levels and ages.

Here are the “autumn fragrances” the course will bring you:

  • A sweet breeze that will gently cool your approaches on four skills
  • Colourful web tools that will rejuvenate the energy of your students with fun activities
  • Useful classroom management ideas that will surround you and your students as autumn scents

If you want to awaken the love for English in your class, do not hesitate! Come and join in to let the seeds sprout.



The course is starting on October 28, 2013. You still have a chance to join me there :)

Do not forget to open an account and become a member before you follow anything on the platform. I am sure you will find many useful things on SEETA and enjoy being a part of it.

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