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A Speaking Activity – One Minute
online stopwatch

This speaking activity aims to help the students develop their fluency and overcome their anxiety to speak in front of the others. It can be adapted to all levels.What you need is a set of cards with topics / titles on them. Students pick up one in turns and try to talk about the topic / title for one minute.


·         Keep time using an alarm clock / chronometer /sandglass while the student is speaking. I prefer to use the gadget on the website below:

·         Tell the students about the aim of the activity and do not correct their mistakes.

·         You can write some clues (such as the structures they can use) on the board to guide them.

You may start the activity in pairs / groups and after a while you can try it with the whole class. This will gradually prepare them with a smooth passing.

·         Try to choose topic / titles related with the things you have covered so they can have enough input about them.

·         Once they are OK with the activity, you can divide them into groups and organize little races.

·         The time can be extended after some time.

Hope it sounds nice:) Anything you want to add?

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A speaking and a writing activity – The personality you carry with you
merveoflaz the personality u carry with u

This is a wonderful activity that you can use as a warmer, a filler or a game. It can even be used to introduce yourself in the class at the beginning of the year.

Level: It’s appropriate for lower-intermediate students, but of course you may adapt it to any level by changing the language the students should use.

Language: Yes / No Questions, relative clauses

Materials the T needs: 3 things (objects) important for you. (You can see mine above: A mini movie player, my USB and my mobile phone charger – all precious for me:))

Materials the Ss need: 3 things (objects) important for them.


  • Show the objects you brought to the students one by one and ask them to find out why they are important for you making Yes / No questions.
  • Then ask them to say something about your personality. (e.g. I think you are a person who is optimistic and childish.)
  • At the end you can explain why these objects are important for you.
  • Ask them to bring 3 objects next day to do the same activity in pairs / groups.

Follow-up – Writing: Students can write about their / a friend’s personality referring to the objects. Follow-up Speaking: After the pair / group work students change their pair / group and tell about each others’ personality referring to the objects.

Adapted by Merve Oflaz from “Personalizing Language Learning”

©Griff Griffiths and Katy Keohane Cambridge University Press 2000

This post was first published here