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Awarding students for nothing
award by merve oflaz

Students like to be awarded. Who doesn’t? Some of them really try hard for a little sticker, others are so relaxed about it. There are also some who does not care at all. I like awarding students and I think awarding them for their efforts in English makes me awarded, too.

I usually prefer awards which are printable (such as certificates and badges) and I give them for the participation, regular homework, working well or respecting others.

I believe students sometimes need to be awarded for nothing.  Students who can’t do anything properly can never get an award (good reason) and some students focus on everything except the lesson and they need to be motivated. What’s more, there are also some who feels no connection between themselves and the teacher (no sparkle at all).

It was the last day of the last academic term and I was going to give the report cards of the students as the class teacher.

I prepared a certificate for each student referring to the characteristics of him / her. I tried to find the best title describing each student. Some of the titles from the certificates were: ‘the monkey lover’, ‘the fluffy toy lover’, ‘humour’, ‘good manners’ and ‘splendid artwork’. I read the titles without the names of the students and showed the certificates on the power point presentation (and some music at the background) at the same time. Then came calling out their names, giving the report card and posing for a photo.