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The magic touch to your classroom

Would you want to change teaching into a magical mystery tour? If yes, you may try to create a Harry Potter themed class and enjoy the journey.

Hogwarts Houses: This is a great method that will help your classroom management. Divide the classroom into four groups and name each group as one of the Hogwarts Houses. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Make a chart with four columns and write the names of the houses in each column. Write 100 points for each house. Display the chart on the wall so everyone can see it. You can decorate the chart with the logos of the houses as well. Take points from the related house if a student misbehaves, forgets homework or distract others. If a student participates the lesson, does regular homework or behaves well, give points to the related house. After a while, students will start to warn each other and try to be more careful. The winner group is awarded monthly or weekly.

Tip: If you let the students choose the names of the groups, it can take a long time because most of them would want to choose Gryffindor which Harry belongs to:) To avoid the chaos write the names of the houses on little pieces of paper and call a student from each group to pick up one so each can have a name. Another important thing is setting up the rules. Specify the rules very well and let your students know.

Prefects: Choose some students as the heads of the classroom. These students can take more responsibilities and help you to distribute the worksheet, prepare the class before you, assist you during the computer activities and so on.

Tip: You can choose one prefect per house, four in the whole class. To give each student equal responsibility you can change the prefects regularly so each student can become a prefect throughout the year.

Howler: If you want to warn a student, write a note on a red paper, fold it and give it to the student.

Tip: Do not overuse it not to lose the effect. Try not to use any offensive words that will depress them.

Word Cauldron: Ask the students to prepare word cards for the new words they have learnt. Students can share the words to prepare the cards. According to the level of the students, you may ask them to draw a picture of the word or to write a sample sentence using the word. Put all the cards in the cauldron. Play word games using the cards as a warm-up or in your extra-time. After each unit or module the cauldron can be emptied and prepared for the next group of words.

Tip: Find a box and stick a picture of a cauldron on it. If you can, find a cauldron:)

The Magical Eye: Make a list of the students on a cardboard and put it on the wall. Moody’s magical eye is capable of seeing things through objects so why not using it as a symbol for the students who have missing homework. Print out little pieces of the magical eye and then stick one for each missing homework next to the related student on the cardboard.

Tip: Sticking out the pictures can take time so it is better to choose students in charge of this chart. Maybe the prefects.

Magic Diary: Writing is a torture for some students. This activity can help them enjoy it. This imaginary diary is taken by each student in turns. Students should definitely read what was written before they write something because what they should do is to continue the diary in a meaningful way.

Tip: If the teacher involves, the activity will be really catchy.

The Sorting Hat: This can make question and answer activities very enjoyable. A student wears the hat and calls out a friend’s name to ask a question and after that student answers the question the hat goes to him or her. Even the most boring drilling activities will turn into a joy with the magic of the sorting hat:)

Tip: A paper hat will probably be torn very easily so it’s better to get a real one. It is very easy to find these kind of hats in the accessories or toy shops.

Anything you want to add? I think as teachers we can create a lot of new themes and make our students feel special. No matter what method or tool you use, the REAL magic is YOU. The only thing you should do is believeing in yourselves!

Looking forward to reading your comments and ideas…