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Preparing exams, tests, worksheet and handouts take time and energy so you have to keep them well like a treasure. What I’ve been doing since I started teaching is keeping an archive. In the first two or three years of my career, archiving for me was putting everything in nice pinky files and putting them on nice shelves.

Next, I started to keep everything in floppy discs (why on earth I didn’t think of it at the beginning?) and the floppy discs in sweet boxes and the boxes in the drawers. Later, came the CDs. They were great because you could save hundreds of word files in each of them. Besides, very nice colourful boxes for these CDs were available. I remember myself painting a long long wooden cupboard (it’s in the attic now) for my precious CDs.

Then came the flash discs. They are very small and you can also wear them like a necklace. (There are even bracelet ones. I saw one last week:) ) You won’t believe but while everyone was preparing a food and first aid bag because of the earthquake tales, I was sleeping with my flash disc hung on my neck.

I wonder what will come next but I have to admit that I developed a new phobia and named it as ‘flashdiscmaniaphobia’. This phobia started after I dropped my laptop when my flash disc was plugged in and lost nearly thousands of my precious files. You know what, I sometimes miss my pinky files…