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Going abroad with your students
After the Hat Fair, Winchester

After the Hat Fair, Winchester

Last summer, I went to England with my students. As you can guess, it was a big responsibility. When I learnt I was accepted as the group leader of the students, I felt so happy. Thanks to my school!

It was a summer school programme providing some trips to many places.  Of course, my favourite part was the free time given during the trips. That was the shopping time for all of us.

The summer school was full of children from different countries so my students had the chance to practice their English and they did not get any help from me.

I also had hard and harsh time. One of the students got sick and I had to check him many times at night. I was like a 7×24 mum for them. After this trip, I nearly understood what a mother is like and how she feels.

No matter what the students ’age is, they can miss their families and act like the weirdest. You might see them crying and talking to themselves or to their suitcases. They might forget to take a shower or tidy up and it is you who must remind that! And comes the worst, it is you who should control them spending their money.  What I did was to collect all their money and give it to the case of the school and take some and give them every day.

Would you also want to go abroad with your students? If you haven’t done that, it’s time to try. If you think that would be hard, it’s time to change your idea. If your school does not provide a trip for students, it’s time to suggest the administrators.

Good Luck with that!