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Help this desperate teacher!

I am sure you also have students who do not do their homework. This must be one of the most common problems of us as the teachers. And I am one of those teachers.

My Problem

The students who don’t do their homework.

What I always do

  1. Keep a record of the students (in a file or a notebook with students’ lists) who do and don’t do their homework.
  2. Check the homework signing it very quickly and giving the plus and minus next to the student.
  3. Write notes on the homework such as ‘thanks, complete it please or don’t forget it again please’
  4. Try to stay calm.
  5. Can’t manage to stay calm:)

What I have done so far to solve the problem

  1. Give a second chance for them to complete their assignment and convert their minus into plus.
  2. Remind them in a threatening way:(
  3. Talk to them many times.
  4. (Sometimes) give extra homework.
  5. Give double extra homework (if they don’t do the homework)
  6. Call the parents (if it becomes a habit)
  7. Ask those kids to bring something for each student in the class.(a little chocolate or cake maybe)
  8. Promise them to give additional points for their oral performance. Invite the assistant principal to the class (if the number of those students is nearly the half.)
  9. Try to stop the wild me in me:)

Do you have any suggestions? Help is needed.