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My Blog has been reincarnated:)

It was nearly a month ago. I was so happy to have finished my post “Magic Calls Thee – Let’s meet this weekend!” Like all bloggers, I wanted to share my recent post on my Facebook wall and clicked on the “Share” button. I was feeling like a kid who was ready to show his / her homework to the teacher after a long study. As you can guess, I was impatient to see my dear PLN liking and sharing my post:)

But what was that? A message box appeared on my screen. My eyes ould see it, but my brain was rejecting to receive it! Although I tried again and again, it kept appearing. Apparently, Facebook wasn’t allowing me to share anything from my blog. After a quick search, I learnt that Facebook could have put my blog into its spam list or someone (Most probably more than 1 person) could have reported my blog. Both reasons seemed to be helpless.

I sent countless messages and completed millions of forms. Everybody around tried to help me by filling in forms and sending messages to Facebook, but nothing changed.

At last, I decided to move my blog to a new domain and here I am. My blog is all new and fresh, ready to be shared:)

The only problem was about the gadget ClustrMaps. Because it was a new blog, it only showed one visitor at first. I was so sorry to be losing the number of my visitors on my previous blog.


I sent a Tweet to @clustrmaps and received an immediate reply. I was amazed. They took care of me by sending what I had to do and then they moved all the visitors to my new blog. They just managed this in a few days. I am so grateful  to the team of ClustrMaps for all the help and support they have given. You should definitely add this gadget and follow it on Twitter.

Finally, I am able to share my posts on Facebook safely. My blog came back to life with a new name and it will be counting the  visitors from where I left:) That really looks like a kind of “reincarnation into a higher level”:) Below is what happened during this spiritual journey of my blog:)

What my blog learnt:

Without a Facebook share, a blog post is all alone. It can even turn into a pathetic figure:S

How my blog felt:

It felt like a celebrity whose website was attacked by a group of “freaky jealous people”:)

Who my blog thanks to:

Thanks to my friends, my colleagues, my students, my mum, and even my neighbours:) for all the support they have given and for cheering me up.

No matter what happens, I will keep writing and sharing:)

Stay tuned and follow my reincarnated blog!