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Magic potion

“We have a mind. We have feelings. To separate the two is to deny all that we are. To integrate the two is to help us realise what we might be.” George Isaac Brown says.

“When learning a foreign language, feelings of uncertainty, and even fear often develop in the learner. It is clear that EFL learners need a relaxing atmosphere more than anything else, and icebreakers, warmers, games may create the situation for this to happen.”[1]

Our mission, as teachers, must be allowing the students to use their imagination and try to raise the awareness. There’s always space in students minds, but it’s locked. To unlock that,  we can make our own magic potion. Use any activities, methods or techniques your students need as ingredients of your magic potion. Bring life to your lessons and classroom. Do not hesitate to use real objects, photos, pictures, technology,  music, body language and your voice. All these will motivate them.  Leave some of the magic potion for yourself! Don’t forget you need some creativity and imagination, too.

Good Appetite!

[1] Moskowitz, G. (1972), Caring and Sharing in the Foreign Language Classroom,

Newbury House Publishers, Cambridge, Mass