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You are cordially invited…
merveoflaz workshops

You are cordially invited to a free series of face-to-face workshops by the British Council Turkey.

As an international organisation that cares and respects for the diversity, the British Council is always ready to create equal opportunities, so here is one of these great occasions:

The great team of the British Council Turkey has been working on this project for nearly a year by organising meetings, training the trainers and leading the whole process. I’m so happy and proud to be a part of it. A group of teacher trainers from different parts of Turkey (me, representing the İstanbul region with other three great colleagues) will try to reach as many teachers as possible through these workshops and keep sharing and inspiring.

Each teacher trainer is in charge of gathering the group of his / her audience. I hope you are already into it, because I am inviting you to join in and I can’t wait to meet you there:) This may be an awesome chance for you or maybe your colleagues.

WHEN? There will be totally 6 workshops (once a month) that will take place on Saturdays. The dates of the workshops will be e-mailed after the confirmation of your requests.

HOW LONG IS EACH WORKSHOP? Each one is totally 3 hours.

WHERE? Bahcesehir University Preparatory School, which is the institution I work for, is gladly opening the doors of the Sisli Campus in Istanbul to be used as the venue for free.

WHO IS THE TRAINER? I’m happy and proud to announce ‘myself’ as the trainer of the workshops:) If you want to learn more information about me, you may check out my blog or my Linked In Profile.

WHAT ARE THE SPECIFIC TITLES OF THE WORKSHOPS? Some of the titles are as follows: Classroom management, teaching vocabulary, teaching reading and writing and so on. The details will be e-mailed after the confirmation of your requests.

DO YOU GET A CERTIFICATE? If you attend all six workshops, you will receive a certificate from the British Council.

WHO CAN ATTEND THE WORKSHOP? Teachers of English in both state and private schools. For your kind information, only a limited number of teachers will be chosen as attendees – maximum 30. First come, first served:)

WHEN IS THE DEADLINE? 24th November is the deadline to send me your requests.

If you are interested in attending the workshops, please send me an e-mail ( to state your full name / surname and the institution you are currently working at.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions (here or via e-mail).

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and hoping to get your help to spread the word:)

Special thanks to the British Council Turkey and its great team for providing professional development opportunities for the teachers of English


Great thanks to Bahcesehir University Preparatory School for supporting the project by providing its campus as the venue of the workshops for free


Sweet thanks to the tutors of the teacher trainers - Sue Leather (on the left) and Leila Tahrani (on the right) for guiding us on our journey


You might also be interested in the post by Özge Karaoğlu who is another member of our great team. Here is the post about the same series of workshops:

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