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Me, serving the drinks:)

After taking part at 24th Edition of EFL / ESL / ELL Blog Carnival on Eva Simkesyan‘s blog , this is the second time I’m attending a blog carnival. Thanks to Adam Simpson and Larry Ferlazzo for hosting great posts on their blogs.  For the 27th Blog Carnival, I will share an exciting lesson in which my students participated in all parts of it enthusiastically.

It was based on a reading text called “Two Drinks That Changed the World” in the course book “Challenges 4″ by Pearson Longman, but of course it is OK if you use another similar reading. By adapting some parts of the activity, it can be used for Pre – Intermediate students or above.

Things you need:

* Different kinds of herbal tea, black tea and coffee

* Kettle, paper glass (If the students want, they may bring their own cups / mugs), tea sticks, some water and sugar

Here are the steps of the activity:

This is a “hot” warm – up providing Ss to answer the question below while having their hot drinks. Prepare the kettle and other materials beforehand. Offer the students a hot drink they want to have. If they don’t want to have, tell them it is OK and they may still join in the activities. After the students get their drinks, ask them to smell the drink first and drink it later. Tell them to read the ingredients on the packaging and express their ideas about the drink using the adjectives / adverbs on the power point slide.

Students enjoying their hot drink and having a pair work

Then, give the students a piece of paper with a ready border, ask them to write about their feelings / thoughts down and leave their messages on the English Corner. They can keep drinking or get a new cup if they finish.




Next , they are  put into groups. Each group reads a part of the text and then groups are changed again, so they can inform other groups about the part they have read.

How the activity went in my class

I tried it with my Grade 8 students last year and they were so happy to take a break after all the studies they have for the national exam, SBS. The students enjoyed each process of the lesson. The reading lessons which usually described as “boring” (by them) has become fun and even took place as the top priority on their weekend worksheeet. Students mentioned that they do not have fear or anxiety before reading a text anymore. I believe it was not only an integrated lesson (including reading, writing, listening, and speaking) but also very productive and creative.


* Do not forget to get a permission from the coordinator / vice principal / principal before the activity.

* Because of the hot drinks, the activity can be dangerous for young learners and even for the others, so warn the students not to rush and to be careful. Take precautions before the lesson (maybe getting a first aid bag).

* Ask the students if they are allergic to any kinds of herbal tea or other drinks.

* Inform the students at least a day before, so they can bring their own cups or mugs.

* No matter what their age is, serve the water for the tea and coffee yourself.

* Finally, take photos during the activity and display them on the bulletin boards. You may even create a handout / worksheet using the photos (adding callouts to ask the Ss to fill in or a reflection paragraph).


If you have any addings or adaptations, please do not hesitate to share. I will be glad to hear.

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  2. Hello Merve,

    Great activity ! This kind of thing gets students so involved and enthusiastic, they’ll remember it and stuff associated with it forever! It reminds me of a project I did with a big group of my uni students just recently, involving biscuits and cookies! By the way ,where do you teach?


    1. Dear Elizabeth,
      Thanks very much for stopping by to comment. Biscuits and cookies would really be nice:) When I tried this activity, I used to work at İSTEK Acibadem Schools, but now I work at Bahcesehir University. I’m teaching at the English Preparatory School.

  3. It was an exciting activity I do it with my students.

    Best Wishes,


    1. Thank you dear Mostafa. Hope they liked it:)