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The flying girl

Have you seen the video of the flying girl? There are many comments about it on the internet and it is already on the news on TV. They say that it was probably filmed in Russia.

Some say that it can be the exercise of a little acrobat using some special ropes, others state that it is just a fake video. The most interesting comment was the one saying that people who meditate to open their meridian channels can do levitate or fly.

A reader’s comment to this comment saying that we will be seeing more paranormal events like this in a couple of years time  was the most bizarre of all.

I thought about the students we will be teaching then. As 21st century teachers, we are updating ourselves by attending seminars, webinars, online courses, blogging and tweeting. What about the needs of flying students we are likely to teach?

The teachers of the golden age! Get ready for the students of the future! Especially the flying ones:))

  1. I put my foot down at flying students. When they start zooming around the classroom it will be time for me to retire. Seriously!
    :-) CoffeeAddict

  2. I guess we already have flying students. When I compare students of today with students of a decade ago, they seem to be flying :=)


  3. Yes Bulent, you are right. Then, if we compare the teachers we can also say they seem to be flying, too:)

  4. Dear defneb,

    The post I have sent is written by me without any reference but if you want to see the video I mentiones you can just google it. It’s nearly in all video sites.


  5. You’ll never know CoffeeAddict. Maybe we (as innovative teachers) will learn how to fly and levitate around while teaching the tenses:)