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This ending is a beginning

There are a lot of endings. Happy endings, sad endings, twist endings, ruined endings, surprised endings and so on.

Endings and beginnings are like matryoshka dolls. One closes the other and one opens the other. Then each beginning is an ending and each ending is a beginning.

Blogathon has been a marathon start for me. I learnt many things from all of you, shared my ideas, asked and gave advices. I felt the joy in my heart and the spirit of shared knowledge surrounded my mind.

Now, it is about to end but that will start another thing in most of our lives. As we stated in some posts, we will open our own blogs and go on sharing.  We will go on sharing knowledge like the generous nature.

I thank you all for the delightful journey we had together and wish you good luck.

  1. It was a pleasure reading your posts and comments Merve. Great post to say goodbye and hi at the same time. Let us know if you set up your own blog. We should make a blogroll like Blogathon Friends or something in our blogs and keep the spirit up. I have my blog up @ now. Hope to see yours and others as well!

  2. Dear Merve,

    Thank you for your lovely blog posts and always thoughtful and kind comments on mine. I want us to stay in touch! Please be my Facebook friend!!/karin.tirasin
    :-) CoffeeAddict

  3. Dear CoffeeAddict,

    I also owe you a thank you fro your nice posts and comments:) I will be vglad to be your friend on Facebook when I activate it (unfortunately I have dectivated it for some reason:(

    Hope to keep in touch!

  4. Thank you Osman. I was also happy to read your posts and comment on them. By the way I like your idea. We should keep in touch in a way as you suggested. I will visit your blog in a minute:)

    Mine will be on in the near future.

    I’m looking forward to reading your comments there!