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Top 100 Language Lovers

Being a part of the Blogosphere always makes me feel connected to the world. It is like to have a shiny aura (probably the most colourful one) surrounding me  by being in touch with other colleagues to learn from each other by sharing experiences. There are countless blogs that provide useful resources and give the opportunity to broaden knowledge. Considering each new blog becoming a member of the huge Blog Family every day, it seems to impossible to choose the best 100. With all the creativity and innovations, enthusiastic blog writers and keen readers, all these blogs must be number 1 in their own categories. and Lexiophiles team started a great job by giving an opportunity to the readers to  choose their top 100 bloggers. There are also Language Facebook page and Language Twitterer categories in the competition. After nominating the blogs, the voting process starts and finally the Top 100 is listed.

I am so happy and proud to be one of the nominees in the Top 100 Language Lovers Competition. I would like to mention my gratitude to my readers, colleagues and friends who nominated me and of course thanks to the and Lexiophiles team for adding my blog in the list. It must have been really hard to choose 200 blogs out of 935 nominees.

The voting phase of the competition is almost over and I think I was a bit late to collect some votes, but of course  there is still time:)

The voting pages for each category are:
Language Learning Blogs
Language Professionals Blogs
Language Facebook Pages
Language Twitterers

My blog (Merve Oflaz) is listed in the Language Learning Blogs (at the end of the list) and waiting for your support:) There are also two more blogs that you might want to vote for if you are an English teacher / blogger following blogs and tweets about ELT and I belive both are great.
Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day

Marisa Constantinides – TEFL Matters

The voting process ends on Monday 28th May 23:59 (German time). Wishing all the participants Good Luck!

Click the image below to vote:


About my blog:

My blog is only one year old. Receiving a silver award at the Teaching English Blogathon in 2011 encouraged me to open my own blog in the 13th year of my teaching life. Some people believe that number 13 is an unlucky number, but apparently it brought me luck:) I believe that “to teach is to touch lives forever” and hopefully through my blog I also touch the lives of my readers by sharing my experiences about my teaching adventure that has also been my learning journey and collating them with love and a great enthusiasm.