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What helped me to move on
merveoflaz's sweet students

Love u all, my sweeties!

Just like many teachers, I have coped with millions of problems since I started teaching. I fought with parents who changed their own children into weary slaves. I offended against the traditional teaching methods of some colleagues by whirling around with the new ideas I came across. I rose to the surface after each technical problem in class. The easiest difficulties I confronted were the students’ misbehaviours and academic comedowns.

The hardest of all has been arising from the dark days. I had to be strong to smile and be kind to the students even after I lost the loved ones in my life. I remember myself showing patience and sympathy with the pain in my chest and suffer in my heart. What helped me to move on has been my students’ love and my love for them. That has always been cherished and precious because I believe ‘To teach is to touch lives forever.’

Have you ever come across any difficulties that you hardly came over? What helped you to move on?

  1. Thankfully, I am blessed with a happy & supportive family and so I’ve always been able to recharge my batteries at home after a long (and perhaps difficult) day at work. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with really good and inspiring colleagues – without them I’m not sure I would’ve survived the early years…Lately my motivation stems from learning and growing professionally. My students are sometimes an inspiration – sometimes not. Sometimes they’re a challenge more than anything else :-)

    Wishing you future joys as a teacher!

  2. Dear Karin,

    Having a support from the family is a great thing I believe. If not, everything would be harder. Besides that motivation you mentioned helps as well. Having a target and doing things to reach that make our lives much more meaningful.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings:)

    Love xoxo ;)

  3. We love you Miss.Oflaz.You’re a perfect teacher.

    Selin T.

    1. I love you, too:)) Thank you for your comment:)

  4. You’re right.. You have renew yourself everytime you need… Life is so short to feel sorrow…

  5. Thank you dear teacher:)
    I agree with you. It’s great to have our students giving us the energy and power.
    Stay tuned:)