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Why don’t you try webquests?

Do you want your students to pay incredible attention to the projects you assign? Then you should try to make a webquest.

A webquest is a kind of assignment (on the internet) asking the students to use the internet. It is as easy as blogging in here.

·         Make sure the topic is interesting for your students and appropriate for their age.

·         Decide on the steps the students will follow.

·         Give clear and brief instructions.

·         Check the websites you will give on the webquest. (Some can have really strange pop-ups or adverts)

·         Don’t forget to add an evaluation part.

·         Help student enjoy it and enjoy it yourself, too.

I created my first webquest when I was taking a Technology lesson in the Master’s programme. There are many webquest makers on the internet so that you can create your own.  Here are some links that you can get an idea about it:

If you don’t want to spend time creating one, you may use some ready ones. But I think you will be spending time to search for a good and appropriate one, too. So why not creating your own?