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Why on Earth …? :)

You are a great big teacher! Hardworking, careful, cooperative, organized, full of energy and friendly. You love your job and you care for each individual in your classes, but when it is one of “those” weird moments, things suddenly can turn upside down…

Here are some of “those” moments:

·         Why does one of the administrators pop in the class when you just start to talk in L1 about the strangest thing ever?

·         Why does your coordinator visit you by the computer when you just open your Facebook window?

·         Why does your mobile ring at a meeting when you just forget to leave it on silent?

·         Why does your coffee spill over when you just start checking the quiz papers?

·         Why does it start to rain when it is the day you should be on duty in the garden?

·         Why does the computer die when it is the time you want to show a ppt?

·         Why does the photocopy machine decide to pass away when you just forget to leave the materials to be copied the day before?

·         Why does a colleague want to chat with you when it is the busiest time for you?

·         Why are the floors wet when you are late to the class?

·         Why are all the toilets busy when you only have the last minute of the break?


I am sure the list can get longer with your additions. Please do not hesitate to add yours:)

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