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Working with parents (Part 1)

Friends? or Enemies? I think the answer can change according to the role you will choose. Will you be the one who is completing the pieces of the puzzle or vice versa? Let’s be logical! Who would want an enemy (especially at work)? Parents are like the backside of the medal. For me, the other side is the students’. The chain necklace of the medal is the administration and the colleagues of you. And finally you are the one who is wearing the chain necklace with the medal. So what can we do to wear the medal?

Cooperation: The first step of working with parents seems to be cooperation. The best thing for this is to speak the same language and be on the same side with them. Remember that they are not your enemies.

Elicit help: Do not hesitate to elicit help and information from the parents. Make them feel you are next to them. You can only help their children with their help. They are the ones who have got the best information about your students.

Share: Why don’t you share the programme with them? You don’t have to send your daily plan but informing them about the vocabularies and structures you teach would be great. Adding the weekly homework or the dates of the important events such as projects or exams can also be very helpful. This will include the parents in the learning process.