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Working with parents (Part 2)

Use technology to share: As 21st century teachers, there is no need to waste paper, time and energy. You can use the website of your school to share information if possible. Or you can make group folders for your classrooms in an e-mail account of yours to inform the parents at the same time only with a click. Another thing you can try is phone chain charts. This way it will be easy to reach all parents by calling only one parent.

Start with the positive: While informing the parents about their children, it is good to start with the positive and choose the appropriate words to tell about the problems.

Never trust: Trusting is good but not the parents. Do not forget they are like multi-use bridges between you and the student, student and the administration, administration and you and so on. Do not talk about other students or parents with any of the parents even if you will say something positive. You will never know who will talk about you behind your back.

Weary children: Some parents like the role of the teacher. They can give their children extra work, force them with private lessons and overload them with bombarded activities. Explain the parents that teaching is your job. If they still insist on doing extra things about language, they can organize family events such playing Scrabble in English or watching a film in English.

What else can we do? Do you have any more suggestions?