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My Awards

  • Mini Cup, The Best Treasure Hunter, Summer Sales Conference, Oxford University Press, Turkey, 2014
  • The Winners of iExpect Video Competition (with Merve Baylav) – “The Best Educational Consultants”, Winter Sales Conference, Oxford University Press, Turkey, 2014
  • The Champion of the Month, Digital Times (Internal Newsletter), Oxford University Press, Turkey, November 2013
  • Silver Award, ELT Blogathon 2012, British Council, Turkey
  • The Best Workshop Proposal Award, Oflaz, M., “1 Coupon 1 Word, 1000 Coupons 1000 Words”, Dogus University 1st International ELT Conference, Turning Challenges Into Opportunities, 2011
  • Finalist, Competition of Educational Methods, EMEPYA 2011
  • Silver Award, ELT Blogathon, British Council, Turkey, 2011
  • Silver Award, Addvantage Competition: The Best Lesson I’ve Ever Had, British Council, Turkey, 2009
  • Reward, My Favourite Lesson Activity, British Council, Turkey, 2009
  • Reward, Appreciation and Recognition for Taking on the Role of Associate Teacher, Ontario University, 2008
  • Reward of Service, İSTEK Atanur Oguz Schools, 2005
  • Reward of Talented Teachers, İstek Schools, 2000
  • Plaque, Festival of Gulhane Artists, 1992
  • Plaque, Gulhane Youth Festival, 1992

The Projects and Competitions Supervised

  • Second Runner-up, Here Is Our Play, Ahmet Simsek College, 2009
  • Award, Directing the play ‘Pyramus and Thisbe’, Topkapı Palace, Ministry of Arts and Culture, 2002